Changed the name of the CMS app I'm working on

The Django app which I'm using to display this page is Pyusite and the code is at It had a couple of names before that but I'm settling on pyu as an abbreviation for Python Users. It still has a long way to go. Anyway, I'll work on reposting some of my old posts to this new platform

Society and Politics

You should support Joe Biden even if you're horrified about what's happening in Gaza.

Those who want to punish Biden either for his support of Israel or his efforts to curtail Israel's response should know that you can't punish Joe Biden without rewarding Benjamin Netanyahu. And I believe Yahya Sinwar is hoping for a Biden defeat as well. Both of these men are supported by hatred

I've made some donations to Standing Together

Standing Together understand that both sides of the conflict are acting out of grievance and fear

The Israel/Palestine conflict is not simple

The situation in the Middle East regarding Israel and Palestine is very complex, and denying this truth promotes bigotry and violence no matter which people you're trying to simplify.