I've made some donations to Standing Together

I've made donations to Standing Together because they're on the ground in Israel and Palestine trying to create peace by bridging divides

Standing Together is hated by Zionists who mock the legitimate grievances that Palestinians have always had against the Zionist movement, and by anti-Zionist who want us to forget that the first acts of mass violence between Arabs and Jews was committed by Arabic gangs, and it led to an escalation which helped justify the partition of mandatory Palestine

Standing Together understand that both sides of the conflict are acting out of grievance and fear. If you don't believe that both sides have legitimate grievances and justifiable fears then you're ignorant. Educate yourself by learning what the other side has to say

Standing Together is working to bring peace by fighting the dehumanization (the "othering") which has been used by each side to justify horrific acts against the other, and I support Standing Together's efforts