Facebook won't let me log in

Maybe someone tried to hack me. Maybe it's just a glitch

My Mastodon friends might say 'Good Riddance', but I have some pages that I administer and losing access to Facebook makes that impossible.

When I tried to log in to Facebook recently, it asked me if a previous log in attempt was me. It said someone tried to upload an ID. I said 'No', and it said 'Ok', we won't check that ID but you should change your password.

Ok, so I did that, but then it happened again. So I changed my password again. And again.

But then it stopped letting me change my password. I'd enter a new password and it would say the password is incorrect -- the new password is incorrect.

So I tried getting a recovery code a few times. Strangely, FB sent me the same recovery code each time. But the same thing would happen -- I'd enter the recovery code, it would ask for a new password, then tell me the new password is incorrect. And of course I've been trying compliant passwords.

After a few times at that, it now says I tried too many times. It say's I'm "abusing" it's features and should try again later. I had tried laying off for a day but that didn't work. I'll wait a couple of days and try again

What annoys me most is there is nobody to call. No chat, no support messaging, no phone number. All the damned money they rake in and the only help the offer is a community that you can't access without being logged in, and a circular set of help tips that only work for common mistakes like the user forgetting their passord