Clint Jenkins: Devoted Father, Veteran, Upstanding Citizen

Twelve years ago, Republican Rick Morris defeated Democrat Bill Barlow, who was respected across the political spectrum and had served ten terms as delegate for the 64th district of the House of Delegates. Redistricting was the main reason for the upset, but part of Morris's strategy was a disgusting and dishonest smear campaign against Barlow, which falsely implied that Barlow put children in harm's way.

After Morris's legal and family issues prevented his bid for reelection, Emily Brewer took his place. Now Emily Brewer's supporters are running disgusting and dishonest smears against Clint Jenkins.

It's important to set the record straight. Clint Jenkins is a devoted father, a veteran, and an upstanding citizen. He supports the law and those who enforce it. He even fought for increased funding for our police, along with other Democrats, and fought Republicans to get it

Republicans in the House say they’ll continue to negotiate, but said they did what they could for police while balancing a range of other priorities — namely tax cuts and rebates.   --Virginia Mercury Feb 28, 2022

Clint Jenkins doesn't have to resort to innuendo and lies. He has his record to run on. Clint's wife Karen is a reelected member of the Suffolk school board running for delegate in the 89th. For both of the Jenkinses, our children's safety will be their top priority.

Both are running clean, honest campaigns because that's the kind of people they are, and those are the kind of people we need in office.